market feedback
After discussion with customers they are require some features which is already provided by other companies.Point wise details are mentioned below. 1 .Customer photo need to be fix on invoices, in EMI cases customer photo are must be required on invoice copy. 2. In item detail we need to add Sales description however we have already overview,purchase detail,serial number but Sales detail is very very important from customer point of view 3. Our inventory detail and item detail(Stock) calculation are not matching, 4. There are few Medical suppliers they are required Expiry date notification because they don't have any tracking system for any medicine if it has expired. 5.What about for these Customers like Sweet shop,General Goods they wants instant billing like Pos Machine or thermal printing. 6.Item required to be categorised in different groups for those customers who have thousand of items like wholesaler.

Rajesh Kumar shared this idea 02/07/17 07:32
Tarun Jangra 14/07/17 17:42 flag comment
Rajesh, Thank you to update all these requirements. we will start working on them soon.